GardenServ ABOUT US

Greenlawn Garden Products Co. has been involved in gardening tools industry for forty years now. You may call it the pioneer among the first generation Of gardening tools manufacturers in Taiwan. Many of the Taiwanese enterprises in the industry learnt the techniques and experiences from Greenlawn, the company is even called as the Godfather of gardening tools industry by its clients overseas.

Greenlawn was established since 1976 and has its inhouse R&D sector to design and develop numbers of patented products for the clients with its innovative techniques, professional knowledge and the account of consumers' human needs. President Chou started the customer service oriented brand GardenServ 15 years ago with the idea of being creative, trustworthy and reputable. GardenServ specializes in developing new, unique and ergonomic gardening tools with design patents, which provides not only a more convenient and safer way for users, but also saves more time and energy while using.

Its products acquire high awareness and market share in the world, and are being exported to more than 40 countries, including Europe, US, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Middle East, Australia, South America. The annual export reaches USD25 million with gardening scissors account for 60%, while sprayers with 40%.





"In 1999, we successfully struck a deal with and European importer and received an order of one million loppers. We cooperated with our partners and managed to deliver the products in three and a half months. We not only received zero customer complaint, but also contented our client with the high efficiency. So far, no manufacturer on earth has been able to break this record this record of ours!" said Chou proudly.

As you may see, Greenlawn is a true leader of global gardening tools industry, but also the best in the sector. Chou indicated that the era of green energy has come, and they will uphold the spirit of sincerity, profession and service. The company will keep providing the most innovative as well as most eco-friendly and satisfying products and service to the clients and consumers all over the world to meet the client' needs-Green Our Earth.

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